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Manufacturer : Para Pharma

Product Pack : Femara 5, 50 tabs, 5mg/tab

Raw Material : Letrozole

If you’re seeking a solution to mitigate the side effects of steroids, Femara emerges as the optimal choice, also recognized by the name Letrozole. Functioning as a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor, it has a longstanding history in treating postmenopausal women afflicted with hormone receptor-induced breast cancer.

For medicinal use, a prescription is imperative; however, for managing estrogenic side effects, Femara can be obtained without one. Teamroids offers Femara 5 by Para Pharma for this purpose.


Bodybuilders and athletes favor Femara due to its anti-estrogen properties. Employed during steroid cycles, it effectively reduces bloating arising from water retention and averts the onset of gynecomastia and other prevalent steroid-related side effects.

Research indicates Femara’s capability to slash estrogen levels by 98% while concurrently elevating testosterone levels. Femara tablets, exhibiting a white to yellowish hue, are odorless and display solubility in dichloromethane, slight solubility in ethanol, and practical insolubility in water.


Femara is to be taken once daily or every other day, with a caution not to exceed 2.5 mg per day. Exceeding this dosage may lead to a temporary impact on sex drive. Furthermore, prolonged consumption of more than 5 mg per day poses a risk of kidney damage.

Adhering to the recommended duration is crucial, and the compound can be taken with or without food. Storage in a room temperature environment is advised to shield it from heat and moisture.